Veena Malik at Her ‘Best’ In Dirty Pictures

Veena Malik

Veena Malik gained renown by her bold and dirty pictures throughout Pakistan and India. She seems to have a mission of being stripped off at the demands of the film scenes. She started her career from a TV show and a few Pakistani movies. Now she is heading towards becoming a Bollywood star.

Veena Malik, a Pakistani starlet, was super-excited over her Swayamvar – marriage – which couldn’t happen and she is frustrated over it and asserts that she had numerous dreams associated with her marriage.

Veena Malik feels disturbed to think about the guys who couldn’t participate in her marriage and says, “Believe me, to get 75,000 entries was like a surprise and 70% entries were from India. I felt bad when Swayamvar couldn’t happen, but think about those 75,000 people, who might have dreamt about marrying me. And, I think its injustice for them as well. But, I think everything happens for a reason. I think, right now marriage is not in my destiny.”

“I was serious about marriage and even I thought that my Mr. Right will come on a horse. I will tell you one honest thing that every girl even if she is a star and wears short clothes is a typical shy girl deep down inside,” Veena Malik added.

On the question that she would marry a Hindu guy Veena retorted, “See I believe love has no religion. The day I will be in love, it will be just love.”

Veena Malik is said to have surpassed the boldness shown by the dirty girl Vidya Balan.  


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