Dawn Jackson dies two days later her wedding; she’s rapidly progressing liver cancer

Doctors diagnosed with terminal cancer, and only a few weeks after losing Dawn Jackson’s third child to be born, reported the “Mirror”.

Dawn Jackson, 36, friends, terribly shaken by the news, thought to offer her something to give her some moments of happiness before leaving. They held a wedding ceremony, that unites her destiny to that of her longtime fiancé, Dean.

She died two days later.

“The cancer diagnosis came out of nowhere, but we thought it would have at least a few more weeks, told her husband. Everything happened so fast, her condition deteriorated rapidly. I wanted to do everything possible to make her happy, so I asked her if she would marry, she always wanted to marry,” said her husband.

On many pictures of the wedding ceremony, you can see the smiling woman, which means a lot to her family since dying.

“She was beautiful in her dress. The day was perfect in every sense, except the circumstances,” said her husband

The father is a bus driver should now only take care of her two daughters, Aydia, 4 years and Karla, 1 year. Dean also has a son, Joshua, born from a previous relationship.

Dean and Dawn were a couple for eight years. The cancer was discovered when Dawn Jackson began to experience severe abdominal pain. She went to the hospital and during a routine examination; the staff realized that the baby had no pulse.

As her pregnancy was quite advanced, she had to give birth to her little, Jaycee-May, on 20 March.

A few weeks later, the mother collapsed. Dawn Jackson has suffered a series of health problems after losing her baby, and tests have finally revealed cancer on April 20.

She died three weeks later, on May 4, with her husband at her side.


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