Despite her angelic face, Hayley King spit in roomates’ food

Hayley King

American student Hayley King, very pretty, inspires confidence and yet. The roommates lived a nightmare living with her. Hayley King appeared in the court to answer for her actions toward her roommates.

Living with roommates is not always easy. Schedules of each are not those of others, the food sometimes tends to disappear. Despite its drawbacks, it is often enough for a good discussion to sort things out but this is not always the case.

Hayley King is a 22-year-old young student who shared an apartment with two other girls. The relationship between the three girls were quickly degraded and compete are linked. After a moment, it is no longer livable. Both girls are asking the American to move but she refuses.

The tension is palpable in the apartment. After a moment, the two students find that their food tastes funny. Assuming Hayley King takes revenge on them, they are installing a surveillance camera. They discover that the young woman spit in their food and she decorates the detergent! Both students complain and stopped Hayley King. Although she denies the charges, the images speak for themselves.

One of the students entrusted, “I got behind in my studies. I had to leave for training because of concentration problems. The case strongly influenced me physically and mentally. I was taken with anguish.” If bail is paid, she will appear free at her trial. She faces 20 years in prison.


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