Janaka Gunaratne, Sri Lankan sixes-hitter is Yuvraj Singh’s fan

Janaka Gunaratne

MUMBAI: The 35-year-old Sri Lankan all-rounder Janaka Gunaratne, who has played for A team and over 150 First Class matches is a fan of India’s Yuvraj Singh.

Interestingly, both have hit six sixes in an over, though Janaka’s was not in an international match on last Sunday (at Church Meadow ground).

The Sri Lankan professional became the first player in the Houldsworth Ribblesdale League’s 122-year history to hit six sixes off one over (the bowler was Ian Britcliffe).

Speaking exclusively over his mobile from England, Janaka Gunaratne says, “it was the first time I have done this. I am really excited about that and it was the last over when I had to make some runs for my team. I did my best in that situation and I am really enjoying to play for Clitheroe Cricket Club. We are in Lancashire Cup semi finals”.

“My family members (wife and two kids) were not at ground but when they heard about these six sixes they were very happy. They have been supporting me”, he added.

Sadly, his six sixes record was marred with a controversy. Few opponent players (Ribblesdale Wanderers) believed that Gunaratne was bowled out for a duck off the second ball, but the square leg umpire ruled him Not Out believing that the ball came off the wicketkeeper.

“No, I don’t think I was out at that time because I heard only the bowl hitting keepers pad”, he insisted.

“I know few including Yuvraj Singh, whose I am a fan, have done so at international level. Unfortunately, I didn’t got any chance to play for the senior Sri Lanka team. I don’t think I will play anymore First Class cricket in my country. Now I will be travelling to Australia to play the game”, he signed off.


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