Tips to say goodbye to dark circles

Dark circles are your nightmare? We reveal how to banish naturally look for a 100% refreshes.

Dark circles are a real poison for many of us. They give the impression that you are constantly tired, you get older and are difficult to hide. They are often the result of lack of sleep, poor diet, hours spent in front of your screens (computers, TVs and smartphones) and also stress. For some, they are simply hereditary. But what happens at the biological level?

The shadows under your eyes are caused by tiny blood vessels that become visible because the skin of the eyes is very thin. When your skin becomes pale (thank you to disease and lack of sleep) or finer (consequence of aging or a decrease in collagen levels), blood vessels then make the appearance of your skin there darker and it is the appearance of dark circles. You will find many products to try to hide them or mitigate between creams and concealers, but it’s time to treat the problem at source. And for that, we give you some tips that will not cost you a cent. Before starting, combines a simple given by the expert skincare Antonia Burrell is green tea! “The next time you make a tea, brewed once, put your tea bag in the fridge for a while and then use as a compress to soothe puffy or tired eyes. The caffeine and anti-oxidants naturally will do wonders on stressed skin around your eyes and gently reduce inflammation to help revive, refresh and deflate (your skin) “recommends Antonia.

In number 1 of our advice – sleep. And what better way to rest his tired eyes a good night’s sleep? “Sleep is another great way to correct dark circles. Your skin heals when you sleep, so if you have not slept enough, it will show – with more pronounced wrinkles and circles under your eyes. Try to have 7-8 hours (sleep) per night, “she continues. And sleep is also good for your line, go why not use it?

In second place, there is the cucumber. And it really works! This vegetable waterlogged has astringent and lightening properties that will act at the source of the problem. Put your sliced ​​cucumbers in the freezer for a few moments and super refreshing iced effect on your eyes.

This number is 3 that is the potato. Sounds can be strange at first, but just like cucumber, potato contains whitening agents. You can use the juice by applying it with a cotton or slice to put on your eyes, and just like the cucumber, please put them in the freezer before.

In fourth place comes the lemon and vitamin C. A true cure for your skin, vitamin C in this fruit is a real boost. Squeeze your lemon and apply some juice on cotton and pass it under your eye. Be careful not to go too close to your eye if it may sting! Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse. If you can, opt for organic lemon, you will find its strongest juice.

And finally, our little last but not least, the sweet almond oil. Its popularity among beauty queens who create their product themselves, we don’t want you to spend next. Its high-capacity vitamin K actually an ally in your fight against dark circles. However beware of oils you buy, the more it will be pure, more effective it will be.

With all these little tips, it’s time to take things in hand and say goodbye to dark circles!


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