US drones strike against senior al-Qaeda leaders

A US drone targeted hideout in North Waziristan and is said to have attacked the senior al-Qaeda leader Abu Yahya al-Libi who is one of the candidates for the al-Qaeda leadership.  US officials are waiting for a respond from the militants about the current status of Abu Yahya Al-Libi in this connection.

Pakistan security officials have reported that the strike killed 15 people while the US officials are expecting less number of deaths during the attack.

Pakistan Foreign Ministry, as usual, “strongly condemns” the drone attacks and says that these are “illegal attacks” on the territory of a sovereign nation.

Abu Yahya, 39, is a Libyan by origin and is the most influential person in al-Qaeda after the demise of Osama bin Laden.

Abu Yahya escaped a military area of Bagram air base in Jul, 2005 and later appeared in above 30 videos saying his views and pronouncements on certain occasions.

Islamabad and Washington are already deadlocked on their talks over re-opening the land-related supply routes to Afghanistan.

Pakistan obstructed the overland supply of ammunition and, oil, food and other related things to Afghanistan in November when the US led NATO forces killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in a “friendly fire”.


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