Ajay Devgn ready to imitate

With so many movies in the making and many released, film names, ideas, and roles are becoming less and Directors and brainstorming all the time to come up with a perfect appreciable script. Ajay Devgn who is quite famous and well-known for his serious, and intense film roles in taking a leap back into the industry and will probably take everyone by surprise like a always does.

However in his upcoming movie, “Himmatwala” which is a remake of the 1983 movie Aja is trying to imitate Jetendra’s dance moves to make it look like a perfect and an outstanding role.  In regard to this, the actor said, “I am ready to do anything, be it action or dance… You can’t look at one department; it is a film in totality… I am looking at the whole film right now.”

The Director of the movie, Sajid Khan spoke, “Ajay’s image is action and intense oriented, but for me, he is a complete hero. He can do anything. Our film is not a take off on ‘Himmatwala’. It’s not a spoofy film. It is based on 1983 film ‘Himmatwala’ and it is my version of ‘Himmatwala’. You will get to see many things which were not there in ‘Himmatwala’. Actually, they are two different stories. We have taken rights officially for the film and for the two songs.”

The movie is co-produced by Vashu Baghnani and UTV Motion Pictures. Also, the lead female role is yet undecided.


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