Man’s behaviour is the mirror of society

Behaviour Change

Behaviour and your attitude is the most important factor of your life. Behaviour reflects not only your thought but also your family’s lifestyle which collectively make the society’s behaviour. With the passage of time changes occur in the individual and collective behaviour of society. These changes weather good or bad penetrate in society and effect all classes of people or society in different ways but one can protect himself from its bad effects. Now i am going to describe one behavioural change that occurs in our society with different colors but all its aspects effects on morality.

Now a days buffet system is much more in vogue in hotels than typical style. In buffet system we could see people eat much more than normal diet in order to only fulfill their money. When they fill there billy upto there throat so they start strolling to press down their food so that they can eat beyond their limits .Such type of behaviour reflects an avid society whose aim of life is to eat only. Such exercise cruches self respect and patience from people. May be somehow it look awkward but it is fact that we should avoid avidity otherwise we will become greedy. Buffet system charges more than normal so they actually cause to produce covetousness in a person.

This is only one shade otherwise to fulfill greedy desires or to achieve luxuries without dignity has surfaced in so many different colour in our society. I am going to show you some totally unique aspect of it. Basically a person’s personality depends on its self respect. We should always remember that money never make you respectable but the self respect.

When I was in college i had a friend Maham who belonged from well off family. Once we were strolling a girl came and asks for some money in a very pitiful manner that she was to make a call at her home urgently. Maham instantly gave her some money. After some while when we moved to canteen we saw that girl there purchasing chips pepsi and different food items. It made us surprise. It was quite astounding. She also saw us and grunted that she is a poor lady today her parents didn’t give her pocket money that’s why she did it.

Well this story has many lessons in it. This is a story of covetous lady rather than a needy girl. Doesn’t such type of behaviour shows us a covetous nation? I’m patience penetrate in our society. If her parents didn’t give her pocket money even then she can react in a very ethical way she could have been patient rather than show covetous behaviour. Pepsi chips are not the needs but only the luxuries and as she was not hungry as she told us that she took breakfast from home but she just feel like to taking eatables. Such type of behaviour should be condemned.

My father often told me about his friend who is with him in his student life in NED. He was a poor boy whenever his classmates invite him for treat or tea he rejected and never took it. His stern behaviour made my father curious and he asked about his peculiar way then he told him that if he take treat so in return he has to give them treat too even it is not compulsion and often people like to take only but it seems shameless behaviour that’s why I avoid owe a debt of gratitude. His keen senses of honour put him high in my father’s eyes. My father never forgets him due to his high moral behaviour.

Today our country condition is so worst in each and every level. Someone says rite “Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual; the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.” Everyone from top to bottom wants to obtain more and more. No one prepare to give sacrifice. Someone says “Corruption has its own motivations, and one has to thoroughly study that phenomenon and eliminate the foundations that allow corruption to exist.” the main cause of the corruption is a desire to obtain more and more. When society has no high ideal and not able to give sacrifices so the cancer of corruption spread rapidly that engulf all the positive qualities of society. The foundation of corruption is hiding in our self it rises in our inside due to the uncontrolled desires which spread from top to bottom in the society. If we see critically or study about those countries where corruption rate is high so we can come to know that dominated political or bureaucratic personalities or the personalities belong to the powerful institutions such as army, police, judiciary etc that has much money to live their life will be enlisted in corruption why? The only cause is uncontrolled desires. If we control our unwanted desires in each and every level we will be able to build a strong and peaceful nation. We should change our individual behaviour in first step and then we should try to play a role to change collective behaviour of society.

Remember your behaviour ethics make you special and respectable not your status and money.


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