Rip Richard Lynch

With so many orbitutaries held around the world, every second, Richars Lycch’s name has been added to the list.  Richard for utterly famous for his sci-fi films and has passed away being of age 76. This news was made by his representative, Mike Barona today, on the 21st of June. He said, “It’s with deep sorrow that I learned last night that my client and friend Richard Lynch was found dead at his home in Palm Springs, California.”

Richard usually played the role of villains in the movies and his unique appearance allowed him to be the very best at it. He had a history of drug abuse, mainly LSD in 1967 which is why he burnt himself leaving behind a scar for the rest of his life. After this, he became actively involved and appeared in more than a 100 television shows and movies thus making him popular and famous.

His body was discovered at his residence by Mr Boranas. She said that since she had not heard from him since several days, she went over to his place to have to check on him and saw that the door of the house was slightly open. She found him lying on the kitchen floor and therefore dialed 911 for rescue. She said, “When she entered, she discovered him lying on the kitchen floor. She proceeded to call 911 although his body was cold and lifeless.”


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