Robert Pattinson’s declining career

Looks like the career of the star, Robert Pattinson, who is infamously drooled over by millions of fans around the globe for his role in the “Twilight Saga”, is coming to a decline or perhaps an end too. Though he is trying his level best to get out of the vampire genre and back to a normal role, looks like he has failed. His post-twilight movies have all been flops.

During the premiere of his movie, The Beekman Theatre on Manhattan’s Upper East Side was completely empty  for a screening of the film Bel Ami in which the 26-year-old Robert Pattinson stars as a scheming journalist who sleeps his way up the communal ladder. Even though his fans are tremendous due to his dominant looks, not one punter had paid to see the movie. “Increasingly Rob is being referred to as RIP-Patz instead of his nickname R-Patz,” a source revealed.

Due to suh disappointment, Robert Pattinson has taken a break and is partying alongside his girlfriend and female lead role in The Twilight Saga, Kristen Stewart. Both the actors claim that their post-twilight movies were edgy and were bound not to attract large crowds due to their uniqueness. “But his agents at William Morris Endeavor are not so carefree about the situation. Rob has not been terrible in the films but apart from Twilight, he keeps misjudging material,” the source added.


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