Shahid Kapoor judgmental?

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor deeply thinks that actors are a commodity. To this he continues, “However, if you notice, all these films have established actors who have been in the industry for many years. Tell me one film which sees that magic figure and features the younger generation.” He becomes very sentimental on this topic as he further argues, “Also, those films that don’t hit that number can also not be disregarded as bad films. “Kahaani”, “The Dirty Picture”, “Rang De Basanti” are fabulous films but have they crossed Rs100 crores? So are they not good enough because they haven’t?”

Shahid Kapoor begins questioning everyone which is how others can also depict such statements in the future. At one point, he is right as everyone has a different sort of a taste in cinema and films therefore just because a film does not cross a certain limit, that should not justify its quality and all the hard work put into it by its cast, crew and production management.

Such statements are being made by Shahid Kapoor as he is profoundly advertising Kunal Kohli’s film travelling to different places such as Singapore and Australia. While on this trip, he arose another set of equations. “We actors are commodities and have to act as such when promoting our film. Plus, the Indian market is exploding at such an exponential pace that we need to catch up with such aggressive marketing techniques.”


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