Youth is the power of any nation


Youth is the power of any nation. Youth are the future leader. But in present era, these future leaders keep on engaging themselves in mobile phones. These power of nation use their power in such stuff instead of doing the constructive work. Mobile phone is the invention to ease the communication but today it has became the dangerous for human health. Now it is considered the cause of many disease such as Fatigue, headaches, loss of sleep, Memory loss, Ringing ears  joint pains and many other . Furthermore, in our society it has become the cause of destroy our moral values. Mobile phone companies provide the many types of cheap packages of calling and messages especially after 12 o’clock at night that are directly affecting our youth on both moral and health planes. Youth use it even have not any type of need at all. This type of packages has created the flack and unnecessary requirement that today every youth consider it as life without it is not possible. Today it has become the weapon of our youth by the help of it they easily run, establish and sustain their love affairs and for parents now it is not easy to keep their eyes on children. Day by Day it is spreading in the society due to which mobile towers are also spreading that harmful electromagnetic rays causes the brain tumors and environmental pollution. Mobile phone is not the symbol of progress .Iran is more progressive country by us but this device is not in access to public for the sake of human health, moral values and environmental protection Government should take the serious attempt to handle increasing dangerous of it. Now the awareness of this is increasing in western and many progressive countries and many protest has brought in record furthermore they are trying to pass the law to limit it usage especially for youth and children. Scientist has announced that regular phone should be used as much as possible. Firstly government should bane night messages and call packages so that its uses would be started to become less  in our life and then further attempt should be take for safe our world.


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