Jessica Brett gets balls in the head to prevent cancer!

Jessica Brett’s parents feared the worst for their daughter: a simple birthmark announced a potential cancer. Yet, doctors found an original treatment to prevent this disease.

Jessica Brett was born with a huge birthmark on her head, reports the Daily Mail. This birthmark boded no good according to doctors of the Royal Hospital of Leicester, UK, who took care of the girl since she was born nine years ago. This spot could be the beginning of a cancerous tumor that threatened to spread and so endanger the life of the child.

To prevent this potential cancer, Leicester doctors have proposed a treatment that has already proven but which may seem surprising: place balloons with saline inside, under the scalp of Jessica Brett.

The balloons are inflated and the wall and able, through the saline solution, and allow to expand the skin. This has allowed doctors, after removing the balls, cut the birthmark and use skin stretched to fill the hole. Jessica Brett has a new and scalp, like new!

Jessica Brett, she is delighted with the treatment that lasted nearly two years, since June 2013, and is now enjoying her “new” hair to reveal the hairstyles of their favorite singer Jessie J.


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