Kim Kardashian’s secret for even large buttocks

Kim Kardashian fears OCD

If Kim Kardashian became famous, thanks to her sextape (Kris Jenner thank you) but mainly because she has unusual generous shapes. Natural or not, the debate is endless, her curves are a bit her livelihood, and she does not hesitate to put forward as possible in each of her appearances, striving to buy all her clothes a size –Bra even brush against tear at every step. Today, not skirt the program, Kim Kardashian found the ultimate weapon to offer more XXL buttocks than ever.

Kim Kardashian: the case of white pants

With arguably among the items most dangerous women in the dressing room, the white pants are both an ally and an enemy. If she lets not get hot in summer, she does not forgive any task, it can be transparent, and above it a formidable magnifying effect and that, that spares no one.

There’s no surprise to see Kim Kardashian’s ass even bigger than usual in her skinny Mother. The rest of her outfit also has a volume effect as it slips over her tank top sweater torn at chest level finds herself even more enhanced by optical effect … Small malignant!


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