Kitesurfer Chris Keeping in crocodile jaws; fights off six crocodile

A kite surfer in Darwin (Australia’s east coast) believed his last hour had come when he was hit by a saltwater crocodile determined to drown and devour him. The young man of 29 years has nevertheless been an effective survival reflex (and retain in case).

Chris Keeping practices his favorite sport when he has caught up violently. He was in the water and waiting for his kite relaxes about 100 meters off the beach of the Casuarina Coastal Reserve when a marine crocodile of approximately 2.5 meters long attacked him.

“He wanted to take me in deeper waters

“My kite hit the water and became entangled so I sat down and I just waited it unravels and the wind lifts it again. I was in the water for about fifteen minutes and I did not see the crocodile coming, it arose from behind and caught me on the right. He had crushed some of my shoulder on my chest with his mouth and me shake to take me under water but I was still attached to my kite, he could not dive into the depths … I thought I would die,” says a young athlete to NT News.

A “poke”

The victim tells how his body is released with the shock and terror that overwhelmed it and how he found himself eye to eye with the animal before calmly waiting to engulf him. “I’m most debated me and suddenly became very quiet. It was completely still while but now I firmly between his jaws. He stopped to move to the point that I tried to touch him up. He did not react. I watched him and I realized how bad it was huge. Around 2.5 meters, and that I could not open his mouth.

A finger in the eye — because I could not do more

After two minutes passed between the animal’s fangs, Chris Keeping had a live burst of rage and decides to try to fight with the animal despite the certain death awaits. “He blinked and it was there that I thought I could push a finger in the eye … because there was nothing else I could do,” Explain to he said. He shoves a finger into orbit and then the loose animal. Better, he leaves the same flee for 100 meters. Keeping Chris does not feel a Crocodile Dundee soul either. “I’ve been very lucky that suddenly stops shaking me otherwise I would have had no chance to react or reach his eye. But the animal does not admit defeat. Determined not to see her meals escape him, he catch the kite surfer and turned around, ready for another round. But Chris Keeping is also determined to win the game. “I hit him in the face with my board and I swam in reverse gear. He always approached and turned around me constantly. He tried five times to catch me again … I kept hitting him in the face. I never believed reach the shore, I thought he would have me again.”

A great adventure to tell

Yet suddenly, the young man feels he has foot. There the crocodile dives and leaves for good. “I have even more insight then.” Before being taken to the hospital, Chris Keeping took care to alert all surfers of the area. “I did not know the seriousness of my injuries. I thought so because of the blood that streamed but I did not dare take off my suit to see what it was. Finally, it presents only traces of fangs deep in the shoulder, armpit and chest.


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