Pakistani women succeeds far more than male fashion designers: Syeda Amera

LAHORE/NEW YORK: Fashion designer Syeda Amera has said that Pakistani women have succeeded far more than our male fashion designers.

Syeda Amera exclusively told Lahore Times, “It has been 7 years since I have entered the Fashion Design Industry. At the outset, I started off by designing apparels for myself which were greatly appreciated amongst my family, friends and most prominently by my dear friends in media.”

She told: “I did encounter innumerable snags and complications, which I speculate is a standard scenario. Unfortunately, our society has a very incorrect perception concerning the fashion field. The standard impression vestiges that it’s a very fun-filled arena. The fact remains that it is a serious field which entails both creativity and individuality and to attain your mark; the prerequisites are to work hard in order to achieve one’s goals and to create a niche in this over-populated industry.”

She said Pakistani women have succeeded far more than our male fashion designers as such as Maheen Khan and Bunto Kazmi.

After conducting a fashion show abroad and working with model and entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh, Syeda Amera said, “Jessica is the most organized and professional lady I have come across, adding that she has always come up with amazing ideas.”

“I am honored to represent Pakistan in the hub of Fashion which is New York amoungst all the international designers. My experience with Jessica Minh Anh has been marvelous.”

To a question regarding awareness about Fashion Designing in Pakistan, she answered, “The fashion trends have most certainly evolved with time. When I started, people were not much acquainted with fashion sense or brand-conscious. Now there is a huge transformation in the way people think and dress-up.”

“Previously, there weren’t regular fashion weeks or brand launches of fashion stores in Pakistan but nowadays we have heterogeneous events taking place and there are proper PR companies being hired to execute these brands and their promotions.”

Syeda Amera said by the time Pakistan Fashion Industry is getting modernized. Designers are adopting and getting inspired by different cultures and traditions from all over the world.

She said nowadays Pakistani designers are doing international shows and competing in international market. So to compete with them we have stay up to the mark.

She said promoting new designs in the international market is more challenging and better.

“It is more beneficial at the same time, but we have always worked out both sides [nationally and internationally] equally and have received great response and appreciation.”

To a question regarding how many sale outlets, she said, “We have one outlet in Karachi at Park Towers shopping mall and we are opening an outlet in Lahore soon. We are available at different multi-brand stores in UK, USA and UAE.”

To a query about “Rivalry” in Fashion Industry, Syeda said, “Of course, there is rivalry in every industry. It is how you take it and I have always taken it positively.”

She feels confident that Pakistani designers are competing well, both nationally and internationally. She said, “There is a lot of new talent emerging from our local industry with time. The field of fashion in Pakistan has changed a lot since past 15 years. Designers seem to be more polished and mature nowadays. I would approximate that somehow many major things were lacking in the fashion industry earlier but now there is easy access to the international market. The awareness has increased via social media and competition has definitely facilitated in raise the fashion standards in Pakistan.”

“It is challenging to have healthy competition as it drives one to do better”.

Syeda Amera said, “My flair for fashion designing apparels is purely God-gifted, so for that very reason I never had to try really hard when it came to designing. My profession is my passion.”

In a special message for young generation, she said, “I firmly believe that every individual should stick to their style. Copying other people will just end up blocking your own mind and will not take you a long way. I believe everyone is born with a talent. So, stay true to your style, but keep reinventing yourself.”

Syeda Amera launched her successful label since 2008. The brand includes prêt-a-porter, haute couture and bridal collections. Offering a range of different smart casuals, her main aim is to help women dress in a style that would complement their personality. Her use of feminine patterns and well-cut lines creates timeless designs. Although a relatively new face in the fashion world, Syeda Amera has made a name for herself through her unique and powerful designs. She participated in Pakistan Fashion Week USA in 2014 in New York. In 2015, Jessica Minh Anh, global fashion sensation, has selected Syeda Amera to represent Pakistan in the phenomenon in New York.


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