Paraguay: 10-year-old girl raped by her stepfather, denied Abortion

The Minister of Health of Paraguay Antonio Barros said Monday, a 10-year-old girl opposed to abortion, raped by her stepfather and 23 weeks pregnant.

The situation of this girl arouses debate in Paraguay, where abortion is only allowed in cases of danger to the mother and only until the 20th week of pregnancy, even in cases of rape. The little girl to support movements has mobilized beyond the borders of the country but the Paraguayan government remains adamant.

A week too late

“If she had an abortion, it had to be done before the 20th week. Pregnancy will not be interrupted,” said the health minister, himself a pediatrician, told reporters. “Regarding abortion, we explained and it is totally out of question. The health minister is totally disagreeing with this option,”” he insisted.

The 10-year-old girl, raped by her mother’s companion, was placed under the supervision of the hospital of the Red Cross of Asuncion. It was only on April 21 that the studies carried out in the hospital for children of Asuncion showed that the young patient, detained for suspected abdominal tumor was actually pregnant for almost five months.

“The diagnosis of pregnancy of the girl we came to the 21th week. If she had had an abortion, it should have been done before the 20th week. Today, we are at 23,” recalled Antonio Barros.

A big risk

The doctors who cared for the girl have warned of the risk of complications of this particularly early pregnancy. But according to the Dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Paraguay, the child will normally complete her pregnancy. The academic explained that her own hospital had received 14 pregnant girls between 9 and 15 years in 2014. “All outputs have done well,” he assured.

The public campaign by the local branch of Amnesty International under the keyword “#girl in danger”, to prevent it could force the girl to carry her pregnancy to term, should remain idle. The NGO believes that for the United Nations, this case is a case of “torture or ill-treatment” as defined by the Convention against Torture of the United Nations, entered into force in 1987.

The mother of the little girl was detained for having given false information about her companion, who remains at large. She is accused of negligence and obstruction of justice.


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