Internet hoax death

With so much going on, it is not surprising that rumors and false news are always a part of every sentence or gossip present on the internet via the World Wide Web. However, there were rumors about Bollywood’s first 70’s superstar, Rajesh Khanna stating that he had died and then rose from the ashes on Thursday within the time period of just 24 hours. As social networking sites oscillated between assumption and gossip of Bollywood’s ‘Kaka’, Rajesh Khana’s nickname, yielding to his illness and further days of going without food.

As the media was getting more and more impatient and such gossip was spreading, Rajesh’s son-in-law, Akshay Kumar, decided to clear up this mess. To show the people that these were fake rumors, he came outside onto the balcony of the bungalow along with his father in law. He also tweeted which, within minutes, went viral. “All those spreading rumours, a humble request, get your facts right before reporting. And for those genuinely concerned and inquiring about my father in-law’s health, he is doing fine now and on the road to recovery. Thank you for your good wishes.”

Rajesh Khanna has happened to be one of over a many celebrities who’ve been gossiped about on on the internet in death hoaxes this year


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