Green-lipped mussel extract can relieve arthritic pain: Study

Study shows green-lipped mussel extract to reduce arthritic pains

Green-lipped mussel extract is said to have beneficial effects on arthritic pain, according to a New Zealand study.

According to the research by the University of Queensland’s School of Medicine, patients who took freeze-dried New Zealand mussel powder over an 8-week trial period saw pain in knee joints reduced by 59%.

Aroma NZ, a Christchurch-based family firm that developed the mussel powder, is now expecting to benefit significantly from the study.

Ben S Winters, the director of Aroma NZ, said that the study would help generate credibility and increase sales.

He said: “This successful study gives our green lipped mussel extract scientific credibility in the joint care market and will increase the global demand for our extract”.

Green shell mussels contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, protein, iron, and glucosamine B12 and therefore deserves “its classification as a Super Food”.

“We are so encouraged by the study being published that we are now looking to carry out larger human clinical trials… with placebo [which] will carry more weight when pitching to pharmaceutical companies,” he added.

Established in 1961, Aroma NZ has recently opened a new, larger factory where it extracts omega-3 fatty acids and high quality lipids from marine and botanical ingredients using super-critical fluid extraction.

The company manufactures two products – GlycOmega green shell (or green-lipped) mussel powder and SCP-Active Shark cartilage powder.


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