X-ray systems replacing metal detection equipment for safer products

Terry Woolford

X-ray systems are replacing metal detection equipment due to growing regulatory and consumer demands for safer products.

According to Eagle Product Inspection, limitations of metal detection technology and the fact that X-ray machinery is becoming cheaper means that the food industry is increasingly turning towards X-ray.

Just last month at the Anuga FoodTec, Terry Woolford – the company’s general manager – spoke about x-ray systems as the US-based firm launched its new Pack 240 XE X-ray inspection system at the Cologne trade show.

Regarding metal detectors in food manufacturing, Mr Woolford said: “It’s good at metal detection but it’s not great at metal detecting and it’s useless at detecting other contaminants”.

Mr Woolford said that the launch of its new inspection system has been done because of a continuing market drive to obtain superior detection capabilities currently offered by metal detection systems and the necessity to replace them.

With a detection width of 250mm, the Pack 240 XE is suitable for any packaged good in a reasonably dry environment. Target sectors include confectionary manufacturers as well as those in bakery, dairy and meat.

Mr Woolford also said that more product launches were in the pipeline.


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