Kasur scandal: Sexual Exploitation of children

A mega Sex scandal involving up to 10 years old children has surfaced on the scene. This horrendous incident took place in village Husain Khan, Gandapur area. More than 280 boys and girls were sexually molested and abused under duress torture and threats to their lives. This is extremely terrible situation. These criminals not only sexually abused these children but also took their indecent videos too. They used these videos to blackmail their parents to extort large sum of money.

This is a series of terrible sexual incidents which continued over a period of ten years. The question arises. How can the local area Police be not aware of these incidents? I think this ugly thing was going on with the collusion of the Police. More details of this sex scandal has come to the light, which are extremely disturbing and pathetic in nature. This drama was enacted for more than a decade under the nose of the local administration and police. None of them had an inkling of this vulgar and obscene sexual abuse.

About 20 to 25 criminals including four real brothers were involved in this criminal activity. They sexually abused these children on regular basis. The real facts were revealed by the insider due to some rift among the group members. The police of the precinct must be patronizing these criminals.

The sexual abuse of minor children is prevalent in our depraved society where illiteracy poverty and criminal mind works against the less fortunate and weaker individuals. The children are the most vulnerable persons in our society.

Although the Chief Minister has taken the notice of this scandal and ordered the judicial inquiry, there is no hope that Justice will be done. The local administration and police are trying to cover up this criminal activity. I would appeal to the Chief Justice of Supreme court to take suo motu notice of this terrible scandal.


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