Lahore High Court’s Landmark decision

Lahore High Court

We must appreciate Lahore High Court’s decision for providing economic protection to the illegitimate children of the rape victim. The man who commits rape must pay for his crime. The court has instructed the subordinate courts to order compensation for these children and the rape victim.

The Lahore High Court awarded compensation of 1 million rupees to the girl born as a result of the forced rape, and 100,000 rupees compensation for the rape victim. This order was passed on the appeal of the convicted rapist against the 20 years imprisonment and fine of Rs. 100,000.

I think this is a revolutionary decision and pave the way for economic empowerment of the rape victims. It is a fair and just decision. It will reduce crimes against women. It should be considered a blessing for the rape victim. We need more of such equitable decisions. Social Justice must prevail in society.


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