The root cause of Kasur Incident

The tragic story of injustice committed in Kasur is straight out of an old Indian movie like the famous “Sholey” of Amitabh Bachchan. A gang, headed by a strong figure, terrorizing the people of a local village, by kidnapping and raping their children and then black mailing them for more income, for many years, with no action or report by the police.

Unfortunately unlike the movie Sholey, there was no hero for the people of Kasur and it was only by chance when the media, who were covering a protest rally that was attacked by police, found out the reason for the protest that the incidents of Kasur came to light. Even than many politicians tried to downplay this incident, while the names of the gang leaders have been hidden even from the media.

The brave independent media of Pakistan have highlighted this incident, but now they should also highlight the root cause of this incident. Since Pakistan has rules and regulations to stop such incidents, how is it possible that such acts have been going on in a village of Punjab, the most populated and developed province of Pakistan, for more than 5 years, with no system or authority taking any action against the culprits? Where innocent Pakistani citizens have to hold protest rallies to get justice for their kids, only after being beaten by the same police who are tasked to protect them and stop such incidents.

The root cause for such and similar incidents is the failure of the Justice System and Judiciary of Pakistan. Without Justice there is no law or safety and the police of Punjab are well aware of this fact. They have been misusing the sickened justice system of Punjab, where cases and prisoners get lost in the deluge of backlog of mismanaged cases, one of the perks for bring the most populated province. Every Judge knows how to delay cases, to avoid ever passing any difficult judgment, and the senior judges are looking the other way.

The incident at the Kasur village is disgusting and all the culprits, whether involved direct or in-direct should be severely punished irrespective of their status in the society. But we should also look for solutions for the shameful justice system of Punjab and Pakistan to avoid similar incidents in the future.



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