General Mills fined

Food company General Mills have been fined $850 for violating safety laws when a worker was killed last year.

Gary Lawce, 53, died at a plant of the firm in Lodi in October 2011 after he was crushed whilst attempting to stop a moving railcar.

According to the investigators of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), General Mills had failed to inspect and maintain a shuttlewagon that Lawce had been attempting to connect to the railcar when he died.

The firm received a citation from the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) which was connected to the servicing of multi-/single piece wheel rims on the shuttlewagon.

Bridget Christenson, corporate PR at General Mills said: “While we acknowledge the citation and this unfortunate incident, we remain committed to providing a safe workplace for all employees”.

General Mills’ plant in Lodi manufactures Big G cereals, meals and baking products and employs roughly about 500 people.

Another similar incident occurred almost two years ago when another General Mills worker died at the company’s plant in Abuquerque, New Mexico.

General Mills produces cereal brands such as Cheerios, Wheaties and Lucky Charms.

The company also has operations in ready-cooked meals in its Old El Paso brand and has also recently established their foothold in the yoghurt market by acquiring the Yoplait company for $1.2bn in July last year.


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