India’s aggression

Lahore-bound Dosti bus

India has removed the mask of peace and acting like befuddle elephant. India accused of Pakistan baseless and violated the ceasefire. On Eid Indian organization Shiv Sena attacked on “Dosti Bus” in Dehli and harassed the passengers and shouted slogans against Pakistan. A few days ago, Indian forces resorted to unprovoked firing and motor shelling in Nikal sector and Sialkot sector and violated the agreement between two countries.

Pakistan always desire to establish peace for the betterment of the Asia. That’s why despite of Indian’s aggression, Pakistan did not take a bold step and is demonstrating great responsibility. But on the other hand India does not want to establish peace in this region. India wants to talk on trade but not on the issue of Kashmir. India is fiercely dominating in Kashmir and committed terrorist activities in this region. For hoisted the Pakistani flag on Eid, Hindu extremists have made ​​Kashmiries the target of persecution.

India is a land of Hindus. Hindu is an extremist and narrow minded nation and has hate and jealousy against Muslims. India has not admitted the freedom of Pakistan just because of stubbornness and still trying to destroy the Integrity and sovereignty of this sacred territory.

India is a land of hypocrites. Whenever Pakistan extended the hand of friendship to India, bastard India has always hated in return. Indian media, who raise the slogan of bold and free journalisms even, do not know the ethics of media. Bloody Indian media always violate the code of ethics and use rubbish language against Pakistan. In fact Indian media have been trading on the name of journalism. Indian media and politicians are the worst enemies of not only for Pakistanis, Kashmiries but also for Indian nation. Mumbai and parliament attacks are the clear prove of Indian’s treachery and hypocrisy. Despite all facts Pakistan did not adopt the harsh tone and still trying for peace.

Prime minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif still desires for peace and meet with Indian leadership for establish the bilateral relations. Unlike Indian opposition and media is pressurizing its government, to stop the peace process and to avoid meet with Pakistan’s leadership.

Here Indian government should understand that if Pakistan is demonstrating the tolerance than it does not mean that Pakistan cannot do something. Although Pakistan is silent and did not take revenge than it means Pakistan does not want war and trying for peace and prosperity for all the nations of Asia.

But if India did not stop its extremist activities, Pakistan will take serious and bold action against the knight India.

The writer is a journalist based in Lahore who works for City42 and The Lahore Times.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Lahore Times.

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