Karachi blasts in Ramadan

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Karachi which was called “the city of lights” in past but nowadays has plunged in the darkness of alienation and fear. People are being subjected to terrorism and target killings, on the base of sectarianism, racial discrimination, linguistic differences and provincial prejudice. Ramadan is the month of blessings and gives the message of peace, patient and brotherhood to the entire world, unlike terrorist activities in full swine by the extremist in Pakistan. Like other cities in the country, Karachi is also burning in the fire of terrorism.

On Saturday two blasts were occurred in Karachi, three dead and other were severely injured. First blast was attacked on Karachi Metropolitan Officer Matant Ali khan near to Esa Nagari. Bomb was planted in motorcycle near his vehicle, in which result officer, his guard and one pedestrian were hardly injured. The explosion was so powerful and it’s destroyed the double cabin vehicle and three motorbikes and damaged the rickshaws and smashed the glass of windows of the buildings.

Meanwhile second blast was in a three-storey building in Patal Bara. According to police, explosives have saved in this building and blast was occurred due to mishandling by the people in the flat. In which result three men were dead on the spot and other two injures have been arrested. It is suspected that they belong to terrorist group.

These two tragic incidents are very painful and horrible for the citizens. It’s not the first or unique incidents in Karachi, because terrorism stream is flowing continuously from a period. Inhabitants see their loved ones death in front of eyes and bloodshed is increasing day by day. Many politicians, leaders, traders, social workers and other innocent people were killed in terrorism and target killing. Markets, bazaars, schools and even scholars, mosques and imam barghas are unsaved. That’s why persecution is being expanded in people in peaceful holy month of Ramadan. Despite protests from citizens and claims from leaderships, government has failed to control the terrorism. Many of extortion mafia groups have been arrested but this stream does not come to an end. Everyone knows some Interest pro political parties are promoting the extremists with the help of external powers and destroying the law and order of this city.

So it is the need of the time that all the political and religious parties, traders and industrialists, privileged and unprivileged people should be united on one platform and emphasized on  the government and Law enforcement institutions to take steps to eliminate the terrorist activities. Government not only take the notice against this issue but also should be caught the criminals and punished. In this matter opposition should also play its great role and support the government at every step. Identify the real motives and extremist elements behind this abominable game and give deterrent punishment to those Traitors of this nation. Karachi is not only a biggest city of Pakistan but the city of industry and trade where it’s necessary to enforce implementing laws and bring peace for prosperous and progress of the country.

The writer is a journalist based in Lahore who works for City42 and The Lahore Times.


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