ACMS gelatine substance

Using acid-modified corn starch (ACMS) for gummy confections would become a alternative to other gelling components like regular starch, gelatine or pectin.

According to a study, ACMS could potentially be used to supplement other gelling agents to give a new texture and appearance to gummies.

The study said: “Common confectionary gel products form a portion of the lucrative confectionary market and there are continual consumer demands for more interesting and innovative products that have new and exciting textures, flavours and appearances”.

Starch is widely used alone or with other gelling agents to provide structure in jelly and gum products. However, acid can be added to the starch and heated to create ACMS, a hydrolysed starch, which is then neutralised, mixed and dried.

Due to the acid, the starch granules are readily soluble in boiling water and disintegrable when cooked which gives a hot paste and higher gel viscosity than native starches.

The study also said: “Improving or modifying confectionary gel textures can meet these demands, but first an understanding of how the behaviour and structure of the gel is developed must be achieved”.

The researchers examined the influence of ACMS addition in gelatine based gummy confections.

The research team decided that ACMS was a feasible alternative through texture profile analysis, scanning electron microscopy and confocal laser scanning microscopy.

The study also discovered that ACMS gummies had significantly different structures with more hollow zones with starch granules inside. These gummies were also harder, much more opaque and demonstrated a minimised stringiness and adhesiveness.

“Based on these considerations, the addition of AMCS to gelatine gels I suitable proportions can be a feasible alternative to formulation of gummy confectioners,” said the study.


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