Berlin Packaging creates glass jar

A part of Berlin Packaging has created a glass jar, claiming that it combines “premium quality and traditional design”.

Freund Container & Supply said their Legacy Canning Jars have a price of up to 40% below other popular canning jar brands.

The wide-mouth jar lines consist of eight, 16 and 32-ounce sizes and are packaged 12 per case for the storage of fruit and vegetables.

Chris Hiller, general manager of Freund Container & Supply, said: “Not only are they are the same level of quality as the most popular brands, but their ‘old world’ looks scream wholesome goodness.

“Legacy canning jars match the performance and quality of any product on the market including Ball and Kerr jars. These products, three years in the making, will be the perfect complement to any variety of fruit or vegetable”.

Each jar has two blank sides for the addition of canning dates, brand labels or ingredient information and feature two-piece vacuum seal lids.


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