Globe’s Shakespeare Festival: Palestine boycott Israeli cultural institutions

Many protest groups are running an active campaign against the Habima Theatre Company performance as part of the Globe’s Shakespeare Festival.

The boycott is the answer to the Palestinian call to boycott all Israeli cultural institutions which “continue to serve the purposes of the Israeli colonial and apartheid regime”.

The campaign has the support of many leading figures in the arts world such as Emma Thompson ad the Globe’s former artistic director, Mark Rylance, asking the Globe not to  perform.

The Globe are under pressure over the matter of inviting them to the Habima Theatre Company because they have already performed in the West Bank, on land seized from the Palestinians to ethnically segregated audiences, that Palestinians were prevented from attending.

The group decided to protest outside the Globe in order to emphasise how important it is to tell everyone that the Habima Theatre Company have been actively complicit in violating international law and supporting Apartheid.


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