GreenBottle signs contract to produce world’s first paper wine ‘bottle’

A packaging company has sealed a deal with a major wine supplier to produce the world’s first paper wine ‘bottle’.

UK-based GreenBottle signed a contract with independent wine supplier Kingsland Wines and Spirits at the London International Wine Festival.

Since 2011, the company has busied itself in talks with supermarkets and wine producers but a GreenBottle spokesperson said that “the wine bottle should be on [supermarket] shelves by the end of the year”.

Martin Myerscough, the inventor and founder of the company, said: “Kingsland are an ideal partner as, not only are they the UK’s premier wine supplier, they are committed to sustainability too.

“We’re really looking forward to seeing wine in GreenBottles both in the UK and in other countries over the next few months, so watch this space”.

GreenBottle says its bottle weighs around 60g in contrast to the 400+g for a glass counterpart and offered a lower carbon footprint and minimised transportation costs.

Kingsland itself once made the news back in 2010 for developing the world’s lightest screw-top glass wine bottle at just 300g.

Myerscough’s firm has developed a “revolutionary pulp-moulding technology” that it says is innovative, proprietary and better for the environment than existing packaging.

GreenBottle also said that flexible moulding technology allows for impressive shelf to stand out when paper bottles allow the printing option which is not currently possible on glass bottles.

The company said: “It is already attracting worldwide interest in the drinks and detergents industries and GreenBottle expects to begin moving into these categories, including potential sales in overseas markets later this year”.

The packaging will be manufactured at GreenBottle’s new manufacturing plant at St. Helens, which is near Liverpool, and will service Kingsland which is based nearby in Irlam, Manchester.

The paper wine bottle was more convenient for consumers to use and dispose off since it could be ripped up and recycled with newspapers, or even composted.

The company also said that they offer better insulation than glass which meant that it’d stay cooler for longer when sitting on the table, and were well suited to summer picnics and barbecues.

GreenBottle had already invented the world’s first paper milk bottle, which it claims has price parity with plastic options; this has been sold in supermarket stores across Southwest England since 2011.

The bottle pulled in triple milk sales (in comparison to standard bottles) during a trial of six months with an 80% consumer preference rate over plastic bottles and sound awareness of sustainability benefits.

The company also quoted Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) statistics showing that the UK buys around 1.2bn glass bottle per year (generating associated CO2 emissions during transportation), which contribute 500,000 tons of waste to the UK stream.


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