Nestlé invest £4m in Spanish condensed milk plant to meet export demands

Food giant Nestlé has completed a £4m investment at its Spanish condensed milk plant in order to enlarge its product and packaging formats portfolio to meet export demands.

Increasing the production at the plant by fifty per cent, the investment includes the construction of a new 9,000 square metre facility, housing new packaging machines, purchasing new equipment to help making more condensed milk recipes.

Nearly half of the condensed milk products made at the Spanish plant are exported to Europe, Asia and Africa and are increasing at a rate of 12%.

Philippe Aeschlimann, Nestlé’s corporate spokesperson, said that the investment would meet increasing, mainly Europe-based demand for condensed milk products.

He said: “Mainly the demand is coming from Europe, but we also cover exports to Asia and Africa. Not only emerging nations. The new destinations covered with these new packaging lines are France, the UK and Denmark”.

With the investment, capacity at the plant will remain at 50,000 tonnes even though the equipment investment will let the company produce new formats to meat export needs.

The facility can now boast eight production lines – letting it create condensed milk products in a variety of different formats.

Aeschlimann said: “The investment includes a new steriliser that will allow us to produce a new recipe of Dulce de Leche, a variety of standard condensed.

“It also includes a new building 9,000m2 housing two new packaging machines, allowing us to produce specific formats for export purposes (30g sachet and 73mm cans). The aim is to make the factory the European production centre for condensed milk products and other milk derivatives, such as evaporated milk”.

With the investment, another additional 22 jobs have been created.

Aeschlimann added: “Every year Nestlé invests 70m to 100m to keep our factories competitive and develop innovation and sustainability in the factories. This investment is part of our strategy to continually invest in our capacities”.


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