Securing Asia 2012 Conference: Early elections the only solution for Pakistan says Dr Maleeha Lodhi

Early elections are the only solution for trouble-ridden Pakistan, says Dr. Maleeha Lodhi.

Speaking at London’s Securing Asia 2012 Conference, Dr. Maleeha Lodhi described how the country’s government thrives on dishonesty, corruption, exploitation and fraud.

She described the moment of Raja Pervez Ashraf – a minister with a corruption case upon him – being elevated to the position of Pakistan’s Prime Minister as a step away from democracy.

She said: “People’s faith in democracy is alive and well in Pakistan”.

Dr. Maleeha Lodhi also added that “Pakistan needs a democracy with a rule of law and without a rule of law, people just come and go”.

Politicians, one after the other, merely come to rob the people of their rights and their money and the problem continues to aggravate.

The former ambassador also branded the United States of America’s reluctance of apologising over the deaths of 24 Pakistani officers at the Pak-Afghan border as “frankly shameful”.


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