World’s first ‘healthy cola’: Japanese company vows to increase value products percentage after sensational sales

A Japanese company vows to increase high added-value products percentage after sensational sales of what is claimed to be the world’s first ‘healthy cola’.

The Kirin Beverage product called Kirin Mets Cola is the first cola drink to get clearance under Japan’s strict Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) regime, regulated by Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association (JHNFA).

The company said that the cola – launched on the April 24th in 480ml PET bottles – is mixed with an indigestible dextrin ingredient that reduces fat absorption during a meal.

A spokesperson for Kirin Beverages said: “The key factor here is that, when consumed as part of a diet with a high amount of fat, the cola slows down the body’s ability to absorb fat”.

Due to runaway demand the company announced on last month that it was ramping-up production and Japanese sales targets for the drink from an initial one million cases per year, and apologised to customers and suppliers for any inconvenience due to shortages.

The organisation said it topped about half of its annual sales goal in just two days following the launch, with the cola targeted at ‘health conscious adults’, specifically males aged 30 and over, who were more interested in healthy eating.

Kirin Group said the cola supposedly contains no sugar although it is not revealed what sweeteners or flavours are used.

A company executive also promised more innovations regarding the Q1 2012 results.

He said: “In future, we will raise the percentage of high added value products such as Kirin Mets Cola, a food for specified health use release on April 24, while reinforcing core products”.


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