Baghdadi’s atrocious rape of Kayla Mueller

Kayla Mueller

IS Chief Baghdadi has proved that he is a not even a human being. According to the breaking news coming out of Washington, it has been disclosed by reliable sources that Baghdadi raped Kayla Mueller US captive woman repeatedly on numerous occasions. This notorious bandit, rogue and self style Caliph of Islamic State has tarnished the image of Islam.

His ugly deeds have deprecated and defaced Islam. As Muslims we are ashamed of his conduct. He does not have any respect for Islamic tenets. He has violated Islamic International laws as well as Geneva convention on the POWS. He should be captured and tried in the International Court for his criminal acts.

The US Administration is equally responsible for showing leniency to Sayyaf’s widow who was a collaborator in holding Mueller in captivity. Senator McCain’s questions must be addressed by President Obama on this matter. The news has rocked the International Community.

The UN must take notice of these incidents and escalate the efforts to take unified sand against IS. We must eliminate IS and its wolves.


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