Madonna’s critics backlash her following flashing flesh: the nip-slip controversy


Nip-slip in privacy or wardrobe is one thing but showing off stripped  parts is quite another. Madonna has always been after the frolics to gain publicity; whether fair or foul.  

Madonna’s recent clowning around occurred when she intentionally showed her right ‘nips’ to the audience during her performance in Istanbul at a live show.

Madonna, the Pop Queen, has received backlash from people who have tweeted on Twitter to criticize her misappropriate tactics.

The tweeters exclaim that she is 53 and should keep control on her nerves before flashing flesh in this awkward way.

A fan tweeted: ‘Isn’t Madonna a little too old to be flashing nip on stage? With her kids in the background (as they’re performing with her on tour?)’

Another said: ‘Why is Madonna still showing off her tits? No, it’s not sexy to see a woman who could be my grandma whipping her nipple around.’

They have also started debating with Piers Morgan on Twitter by saying: ‘Most embarrassing, cringe-worthy, desperate moment in the history of music’

But some fans like Hollywood actress Christina Applegate, comprehend the situation and comment: ‘Reading twitter this am and there r all these tweets about Madonna and her nipple flash. And we are shocked because…?

‘What I’m saying is it’s not like Sarah Palin had a nip slip, its Madonna.’


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1 Comment

  • August 17, 2015

    Javaid Bashir

    Madonna is my favorite girl. She is still young and beautiful. Sexy is the word to describe her act on the stage. If she would not flash her Tits then who else would. Her tits are worth millions .

    She is a great actress. she just showed a peek a boo of her right nipple. Tell me who did not wanted to suck that nipple. the bigots are writing those silly tweets. Enjoy the moment ,you are lucky to see that beauty’s Nip.