Mushahid Ullah Khan returns favor to PM Nawaz

Mushahid Ullah Khan

Speaking at the Lahore Airport to the media, former federal senior minister Mushahid Ullah Khan said he is happy over his resignation. He has returned the Prime Minister’s favor in selecting him minister. He explained his early statements made during the infamous BBC interview, as a result of which the PML-N unleashed harsh criticism against him.

He gave in to public demand. It was a unique incident that a sitting minister made unsubstantiated allegations against the former ISI Chief honorable General (R) Zaheer-ul-Islam. He tarnished the image of premier Intelligence Agency. We cannot condone his reckless conduct. He is an experienced politician who dropped his gantlet in a moment of uncanny arrogance.

According to his own admission he made irresponsible statements. I think he suffered from selective amnesia and blurted out involuntarily poisonous remarks. He should have verified the information before making it public. He tarnished the image of Premier Intelligence Agency of Pakistan. By resigning he has paid but a small price of the blunder. The political fallout has dented PML-N’s reputation.


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