Resignation for Blackmailing

Letter to the Editor

They will never resign and will never stop to blackmail the government on political and criminal issues. Has it not been explicitly proved during the rangers operation in Karachi that almost all the criminals, the abductors, the extortionists and the target killers belong to none of the organizations but the MQM? Have the rangers not recovered the illegal and band weapon from the Nine Zero, along with batches of wanted criminals in a number of successful raids? Altaf Hussain has proved himself to be an agent of India, the enemy country and he has invited foreign powers for armed intervention in Pakistan . It does not require any judicial enquiry to prove him guilty of these criminalities. He has been bragging throughout in his drama telephonic addresses and is confessing every crime he commits against the security of the country. Being an alien citizen, does he deserve this much leniency on the part of the government of Pakistan? Why he should be given this much leverage on his repeated admission of all his criminalities? The submission of resignation of MQM members is a part of the drama the party is playing and trying to befool all and sundry through the tactics displayed by jugglers like Farooq Sattar and his colleagues. The whole of Pakistani citizens have appreciated the operation launched in Karachi which has substantially reduced the menace of terrorism of various shades in the metropolitan city. It is not understandable why the government of Pakistan has not been trying to get the extradition of Altaf from the Britain to bring him to justice for all the allegations labeled against him. It is also not understandable as to why the government has been unable to stop an absconded foreign national from addressing people telephonically for long hours and spitting venom on the country and its law enforcing agencies, busy in operation against the country’s foes. The news that the respected Maulana Sahib is going to intervene in the matter to convince the MQM buffoon in London to stop tendering resignation of his party’s members, is strange as to what has forced the Maulan to implore upon a person directly abusing the Pakistan State, its institutions, armed forces and inviting enemy country to attack Pakistan. To many faithful Pakistanis, no logic supports the Maulana Sahib in his endeavor to persuade a man who is playing in the hands of the enemies of Pakistan. It seems that the drama of resignation is nothing but a tactic of blackmailing the Nawaz’s government which always succumbs to pressure.

Timergara, Dir Lower


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