Wildfires in Colorado and New Mexico Compel Hundreds of People to Leave

A blaze close to Fort Collins grew to a great extent, killed one and claimed about 118 structures of homes and other dwellings.

Smoke clouds in New Mexico near Ruidoso were seen on Saturday.

The New Mexico and Colorado fires have sought after the skills of the firefighters and the latter are battling against the spread of this fire on all sides without any discrimination. Hundreds of residents have fled to the neighboring states and localities in order to save their lives, the sources said.

Colorado has seen 18 structures to be burnt away and there are rumors of one missing person. Within these two days, the blaze has spread in 30 square miles.

“If you talk about worst-case scenario, this is our worst-case scenario,” Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith told in a statement.

The government authorities claim to have sent 2,575 evacuation notices through their phones. Almost 500 people entered Red Cross help centers as said by The Associated Press.

“It was terrible. It sounded like a hurricane,” said Sandra Mullen (KMGH). “I think everything will be gone. My husband is 78 and I’m 75, so when you’re that old, it’s too hard to start over.”

A resident of the fire zone Joanne Hertz said, “It looked like Armageddon. I have absolutely no clue if my house is still standing.”

Chief Tom Demint belonging to the Poudre Fire Authority claimed, “We have thousands of acres of fire, hundreds of homes threatened, and dozens of fire engine.”

Strong winds, meanwhile, grounded aircraft fighting the wildfire in Ruidoso, according to The Associated Press.

“My faith is so deep that I know that whatever happens, it’s not that it’s God’s fault,” said Brenda Garber after losing her home in New Mexico.


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