Clashes in St. Louis after the death of Mansur Ball Bey, a young American shot by police

The death of Mansur Ball Bey, an African-American 18 year old killed on Wednesday in St. Louis by two policemen when it should pointed his gun at them, has angered a section of the population of this city Missouri. Clashes broke out during Wednesday protests.

The death of this young man adds to the long list of African Americans killed by security forces in recent years in the United States, and waking up racial tensions in the country.

The city of St. Louis is not far from Ferguson, who had last week a violence renewed on the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, an African American 18 unarmed shot by police , became the symbol of racist violence against the American black community.

A year later, in St. Louis, the conditions of the death of Mansur Ball Bey are not quite the same, but the accumulation of the part of the police misconduct has only amplified the feeling of Racism and exclusion of the African-American community. According to police, the young man shot dead Wednesday, August 19 in Saint Louis, pointed his gun at police officers. The gun was stolen and has a large magazine capacity, police said on Twitter account.

The investigation that followed the shooting helped find three other handguns, also stolen, adds St. Louis police. For its part the local newspaper St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the young man aged 18 pointed his gun at police, armed with a search warrant, then opened fire and killed him.

Demonstrations and clashes Wednesday night

Protests first erupted in the street where Mansur Ball Bey was killed, and police used tear gas to disperse them.

Clashes then erupted in the evening.

The head of the St. Louis police, Sam Dotson, said the protesters threw bottles and bricks at police and had blocked a crossroads. He said the police had to use tear gas to reopen the crossing. “Calm has returned after nine arrests,” he added.

Sam Dotson said in a statement released by the Police Department:

A group of demonstrators committed acts of violence directed not only against the police but against the neighborhood

The police released a video Thursday morning clashes, showing protesters throwing stones and bottles of water in the direction of police officers, who took shelter behind riot shields.

The issue divides social networks

On social networks, reactions are mixed. Some pay tribute to Mansur Ball Bey they see as another victim of police brutality. While others point to the violent aspect of sharing photos, assumed to represent him with a weapon.

(I knew that another hashtag would appear this week, but I did not expect that to me either that of one of my closest friends).

(Photo St. Louis tonight. The police killing civilians, residents protested, the police brought the military and war ensues)


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