Jennifer Rovero, Paris Hilton arrested for possession of marijuana

South African police arrested former Playboy girl Jennifer Rovero during FIFA World Cup 2010 quarterfinal between Netherlands and Brazil on Friday. We have learnt that American fashion model Jennifer Rovero and American celebrity Paris Hilton came down to watch the FIFA 2010 game. Police detained both the American stars for possessing illegal drug marijuana, however later police released Paris Hilton as she was not the accused.

South African magistrate ordered to drop all the charges against socialite Paris Hilton and charged Jennifer Rovero entreated culpable to possess marijuana. South African authorities have also sentenced Jennifer Rovero for smoking and possessing marijuana. The duo American celebrities arrived at South Africa on last Wednesday to join the quarterfinal Brazil vs. Netherlands.

South African police spokesman Brigadier Sally De Beer gave the details to the media officials of this wondering arrest which took place during the FIFA quarterfinal. De Beer stated that 31 years old Jennifer Rovero pleaded guilty for possessing marijuana and she has been sentenced to pay 1,000 rand as fine. Jennifer Rovero has also been jailed for more than 390 days besides the fine money which she is ordered to pay.

Police officials turned the light onto the fact that authorities have decided to deport Jennifer Rovero who has American nationality. Paris Hilton and Jennifer Rovero reached South Africa as self-employed photographer to cover the FIFA 2010 quarterfinal. Paris Hilton’s publicist told the media that police authorities issued an apology to arrest her wrongfully, saying it was a misunderstanding.

Neither she had marijuana nor she smoked it with Jennifer Rovero during the Brazil vs. Netherlands match, said her publicist.


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