Black guy Oscar Grant shot dead by white police officer in California

Johannes Mehserle, 29, and Oscar Grant, 22.

22 years old black guy Oscar Grant was shot to death by a white police officer Johannes Mehserle on January 1st 2009 at a train station in Oakland, California. The videotapes have revealed that the police official Johannes Mehserle killed Oscar Grant brutally while the guy was handcuffed. The aggrieved guy yelled “officer you are going to kill me, don’t do it I have four years old baby daughter.” But the connote police officer did not took pity on the unarmed boy and killed him while he was on the ground with his head down to the floor.

According to our latest information, the court has announced that Mehserle did not kill Oscar Grant deliberately, he was shot him by his Taser gun but misfortunately he took his handgun. The bullet entered into Grant’s back and pierced his lungs, he was pronounced dead at Highland Hospital at around 9:14 am. According to the court order, 28 years old Mehserle will be sentenced in August 2010, he will be sent to the jail from 5 to 14 years in this murder case.

Grant’s family attorney John Burris called the court verdict a compromise decision; he added that it is not a true justice to the Grant family. Burris also mentioned that we do not have fair justice in case when a white police official murders a Black man. Definitely this is not a fair verdict so that the Grant family is also very disappointed over the court verdict.

This decision goaded a protest in Oakland on Thursday, a great number of people marched in the streets smashing vehicles windows, egging and looting the local stores. Oakland police authorities arrested more than fifty people for violating the city administration laws.


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