Former athlete Mel Turpin commits suicide

Former athlete Mel Turpin

Former American professional basketball athlete Mel Turpin has been died at 49 after committing suicide at his North Lexington home on Thursday. According to our correspondent, police went to his home to respond a wound call which someone made from his home. When police arrived, the previous basketball player was dead at the spot and police could not help him.

Police officials stated that the former basketball star committed suicide but they did not inform how he committed suicide. Police authorities have been trying to reveal out his cause of suicide however still there are no definite reports available which can prove the true cause of his suicide. America is a country where the rate of suicide is really high and we have countless famous American personalities who have been died after committing suicide in the country.

Mel Turpin was really an excellent basketball star who delivered fabulous recitals throughout his professional basketball career. His fans used to call him Dinner Bell Me and The Mealman, if you have a look into his personality, he was such a guy who used to make jokes and had a humorous sense. He will be long remembered not only by his family members and friends but also by his countless fans across the world.

People have been waiting for the police investigation results to know why their beloved sportsman committed suicide even he was not a frustrated guy at all. His death has also shocked the basketball lovers around the world as he was considered the superb basketball icon. He had the perfect height of 6 feet and eleven inches which was a great height of a basketball player.


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