Johannes Mehserle found guilty of involuntary manslaughter

Johannes Mehserle

Johannes Mehserle, found culpable in involuntary manslaughter has not been charged with either first or second degree murder in the court.  Yesterday evening Oakland natives did the right thing to raise their voice for the aggrieved Black man Oscar Grant III, who was killed by BART police official on 1st January, 2009. We came to know that 22 years old Grant was totally unarmed when he was being killed by 28 years old policeman Johannes Mehserle at Fruitvale station.

An immense number of people gathered in the Oakland streets and marched in the streets they smashed the windows looted stores and set fires in Oakland. It was really a huge riot, one of the speakers said they are all Oscar Grant. Cursing the Oakland police he said, fuck the BART police and the entire system is involved in corruption.

People had been expecting that court will charge Johannes Mehserle with second or 1st degree murder but the court sentenced him to be jailed for at least four years. The local residents and family members of Grant showed disappointment over the court verdict. Cephus Johnson, who is the uncle of Grant, stated they blame system rather than jury, this fight is still continued.

The family lawyer of Grant said the verdict is not in accordance with the justice and the family has not the justice in the court.  The local businesses were affected badly due to Oscar Grant Riot and the local stores closed eventually. Employees in Alameda County were advised to use substitute means of transportation to avoid any damage.


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