Needle found in sandwich

Air Canada is investigating an incident where a passenger reportedly found a sewing needle in a pre-prepared sandwich.

The situation happened on a domestic flight from Victoria, British Columbia to Toronto last week.

Air Canada and Canadian Police are investigating the situation but it was not revealed whether the passenger had been injured or not.

Peter Fitzpatrick, a spokesperson for Air Canada, said he was unable to answer particular questions because the investigation was still in progress.

He did confirm, however, that no further reports of such incidents had been received.

He said: “We can confirm that we received a report from a passenger who found what appears to be a sewing needle in a pre-prepared sandwich on board our flight from Victoria, B.C. to Toronto.

“As soon as we were made aware, we immediately contacted the caterers that provision our flights, and a full investigation is under way”.

Fitzpatrick did not reveal the name of the caterer who supplied the sandwiches.

He added: “We are working closely with our caterers to ensure heightened security measures have been put in pace. We are cooperating fully with police in their investigation. As the investigation is under way, we have no further details to provide”.

According to Canadian media reports, local police are investigating the potential of a disgruntled caterer planting the sewing needle after Labour talks aimed at avoiding strike action broke down.

The incident is the latest examples following six previous cases of needles being found earlier this month in turkey sandwiches on four US-bound Delta Airlines flights to Minneapolis, Atlanta and Seattle from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Gate Gourmet said it is one of the caterers who serve Air Canada but not from where the flight originated from in Victoria.

The Amsterdam Police, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Transport Security Administration (TSA) launched investigations into the Delta incident.

A spokesman for Dutch police said it was too early to say whether there is any connection with the needles discovered on the Air Canada flight.


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