Obama bows to Saudi Monarch

America is up in roar over Obama’ bowing before Saudi Monarch. It was just a gesture of civility and respect for the leader of the Islamic World. The American Media is brewing and buzzing over a gesture of no consequence to anyone, making a mountain out of a mole hill. I was stunned and shocked over this reaction of the press and the public; and to read scathing criticism in the press. The whole criticism and discussion was absurd and nothing but nonsense. The real issue was lost in the mist of criticism.

This was an important tour of the leader of the Super Power to an oil rich kingdom. Saudi Arabia and America have a long history of cordial relations. It was an opportunity to further cement them. American President acted in a befitting manner during the tour. Saudi – American relations date back to a long time and have remained beneficial to both the countries. It was a rare feat of courage, civility, and manners on part of the President, who still remains the most powerful person in the World. He has, in no way, compromised the national interest pf America; The Western Press should grow up.


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