Rumor: DJ Tiesto died in fatal car accident

DJ Tiesto

On July 07, 2012 people have been rushing to search the news DJ Tiesto Dead, this news created frustration among the fans of this famous Disk Jockey. Though there is no valid source who verified the death of DJ Tiesto yet a great number of people has been keep on searching his death news. We have come to know that he is not dead at all and living happily, he informed on his social network page that he is well alive.

We have been observing that some unknown sources spread this news that DJ Tiesto lost his life in a fatal vehicle accident. The source reported that DJ Tiesto was driving his car at a high speed of some 90 km per hour, he could not manage to control his car and hit to death in American state California. There is no reality behind this news in fact we should call it a hoax rather than news.

Our beloved star is still with us and we can get ourselves amused by his thrilling performances. As we know rumors regarding celebrities has become a trend on the online media networks and always some unidentified source come up with such hoaxes to create aggravation among the people. Such pranks not only create disturbance among their fans but also affect the personal lives of celebrities, we must get the confirmation about these hoaxes before going to search these pointlessly.

We also suggest that there should be a strong check on such media networks who post such rumors just for creating exasperation.


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