Solar powered: Scientists developed first solar plane

A newly designed solar plane landed after setting a record flight of 26 hours in the air today. It is said that invention is the mother of necessity, the saying is 100% true, first scientists developed solar watches, solar calculators and other solar powered items. Now the solar plane is produced by the modern scientists, this plane is considered the latest innovation of the modern age.

As we all know that the energy needs have been rising up with the passage of time we have scant energy sources to meet our huge energy requirements. This is a great step by the modern engineers to get the benefits of solar energy so that we can meet our energy needs quite easily. We have come to know that the solar plane was powered by the sun energy and it completed 26 hours long flight.

This is also a world record which the very first solar plane set; the plane was sent on a test flight without pilot. The solar plane has 207 feet long wings the plane landed down at a Payerne based airfield at 9 am today. Payerne is located in the southwest of Bern which is the capital of Switzerland. The veteran team which created the solar plane said that the plane can store enough sun energy to keep its flight through night.

They also stated the solar plane can fly more than 24 hours easily with any stop and it also needs no fuel at all. The scientists are looking for developing an improved aircraft which will complete its journey around the globe with five stops in 2013.


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