Bill Cosby facing two new charges of rape

Bill Cosby – The case is not about to stop, quite the contrary. The actor already charged for a long time of several rapes of many women is facing two new charges. This Thursday, August 20, two complainants have accused Bill Cosby of having abused them at a press conference in New York.

Bill Cosby is accused of raping many women. The case that arouses the interest of the US media revealed very dark facts accusing the 78-year-old American actor of sexual abuse on a large number of women that he met during his career. The star of the 80s’ whose reputation is now falling, is the least popular person in the United States.

It is now more than fifty years as Bill Cosby, Cosby Show star is accused of drugging and raping many women. But the business is growing in autumn 2014 when many of the alleged victims have come out of shadow to tell what really happened.


How far will the deal Bill Cosby! Whenever women accuses the actor of sexual assault, other resurface and go as they tell their story and make a complaint against the latter accusing the media in do too. Two new cases are added to the long list that accuses Bill Cosby of rape. The first complainant named Charlotte Fox. She accuses US actor Bill Cosby of taking advantage of her while she was 23 years old in the Playboy Mansion in the 1970s’. The other complainant named Elizabeth accused the actor during a robbery in 1976 where she was air hostess. She says that Bill Cosby drugged before abusing her in his hotel room.

This Thursday, August 20 Gloria Alfred, lawyer of the complainants told: “After a long period of silence, we hope it will seize the opportunity to testify fully and to give a face of the story.” The Bill Cosby case shakes America already for a few months already has to his credit 50 complaints. End of July, the American magazine New York Magazine put in A, snapshots of 35 women who accuse Bill Cosby have sexually assaulted. Bill Cosby must answer his actions in US courts on 9 October.


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