Google to warn Gmail users against state-sponsored hacking

Google has introduced a new system for the benefit of its Gmail users if the email of the latter is being used by the government related persons.

Google is the search giant and the officials belonging to it have told that it will inform its Gmail users, in case, they are under attack by the state forces.

Google has made this move to secure its millions of users, journalists, human rights activists, businessmen and the like to make it certain that the information they keep remains confidential. The move has been made after the Russian bloggers complained that they had been targeted by the government actors during the re-election of Vladimir Putin in May.

“We are constantly on the lookout for malicious activity on our systems, in particular attempts by third parties to log into users’ accounts unauthorized,” exclaimed Google’s vice-president of security engineering, Eric Grosse. He added, “Today, we’re taking that a step further for a subset of our users, who we believe may be the target of state-sponsored attacks.”

Google has not explained as how it will find out that the state-owned personnel are involved in the hijacking of the user’s account.


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