Message of protest against “Big Three” not ruled out in other countries

MUMBAI: There have been no protests at the P. Sara Oval in Colombo where Sri Lanka is playing against one of the “Big Three”, Indian team, but the possibilities of spreading message in other countries at future date is not ruled out either, according to Jaimie Fuller, one of the key members of the campaigning team.

Speaking exclusively over his mobile from London, he says, “at present this silent protest is only in England but we are planning to continue with the same when England tours Australia next”.

“We want N. Srinivasan (ICC’s Indian chairman), Wally Edwards (Australia) and Gile Clarke (England) to resign from the posts. The game of cricket is being taken over by India, England and Australia at the expense of the other 102 countries that also play the game”, he added.

The protectors have also requested the Prime Minister and sports ministry in India, England and Australia to intervene.

The campaigner’s spokesperson, Ms. Bonita Mersiades, speaking exclusively from Australia, said, “the intent of this protest is to create some awareness and generate interest in the campaign. We would like to get as many people as possible in all cricket nations supporting the call for improved governance at the ICC by signing the petition at as well as contacting the Prime Ministers and Sport Ministers of Australia, England and India”.

“After the initial launch, there will be consideration regarding the next steps, but we very much hope we can take the message and the campaign to other countries especially as matches are being played there”, she added.

“We will continue to work towards an ICC that rules for all cricket playing nations, not just the three, even if this takes time. It is the right thing to do”, she signed off.


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